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Executive Coaching continues to raise standards of performance and advance careers.

Have you done the best you can? To be the best version of yourself?

Do you know that more than one (1) in every three (3) CEOs in America receives coaching and almost 100% said they could use one?

Great leaders, Hall of Fame athletes, Olympic gold medalists all have coaches that help them achieve their maximum potential.
President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Microsoft's Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs have all had a coach to help them advance in their careers. Some reportedly claimed to have receive coaching on a regular basis. Jack Welch was known to retain world renowned advisor and coach, Ram Charan for decades at GE to help polish leadership practices and develop senior leaders.
These highly-esteemed leaders are not alone in their belief that coaches can make a positive impact on one's performance and career.  Multiple empirical studies including those conducted by Stanford University suggest a high percentage of coachees have positive experience. In fact, the institute of employment studies (UK) found 95% of coachees recommend coaching to others because of their favorable experience. A study by Stanford University found nearly 100% of CEOs who receive coaching remarked they enjoy both the process of coaching and receiving leadership advice.
Leadership Advice
from the corner office
Google's Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt said one of the best advice he received and has since advised others of the same was to "get a coach".  

How does your leadership skills compare to other high performers?


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Want to get great at something?

Get a coach.
Atul Gawande

CEO, Haven

In his 2017 TED Talk, Harvard Medical Surgeon and Professor, Atul Gawande tells his audience that his performance in the operating room increased after he got a coach. This occurred at a time he thought his performance had peaked. He was wrong. He learned his performance could substantially improved after coaching.

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Mature Businesswoman

Executive COACHING

Coaching for C-level, top and senior executives. Refresh your leadership practices. Enhance your leadership impact. Improve business outcomes.

Business Meeting

Coaching for entrepreneurs, new and high potential leaders. Develop new skills, amplify your strengths and take your leadership to the next level.



Crowd Applausing


Personalized one-on-one, team and group coaching. Perfect for people managers and individual contributors, sales teams, creative arts, engineers, and attorneys alike.

Facilitation  COACHING

Whether you are new to or a veteran at public speaking, coaching can help you improve mastery of this skill or overcome stage fright.

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Human Capital Management

A global survey of 700 CEOs conducted by the Conference Board (2013) showed that human capital management is their top priority. This should not be surprising since companies' people assets represent one of the largest operational cost line items across any industry (accounting for 30% to 80%). Numerous research studies have also shown that people is one of the most if not the most important driver of a company's success.
Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

We serve the needs of small and large clients
in nonprofit, public and private sectors across industry.
Select clients include those listed below:

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Additional Clients


Veterans Administration Hospital Network

Emblem Health

JP Morgan Chase



Fidelity Investments

St. Barnabas Hospital

Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

The State of Florida

Staten Island University Hospital

VIP Community Services

Adirondack Health Institute

Hudson Headwaters Health Network


Bridge Back to Life


Strategic Workforce Planning

How well aligned are companies' existing
workforce strategies and models to business strategies?

Arete Advisors Integrated Human Capital Framework
Be it to prepare a company to transition and enable a digital business strategy, to refresh an
outdated workforce model or to better allocate resources in a cost-effective and efficient manner to sustain and grow revenues and margins, the benefits that can be gained from strategically planning for a company's workforce for the future cannot be over stated.
Aligning a company's workforce strategy and plans to its business strategy, imperatives, and goals are increasingly paramount to enabling a company to achieve its stated objectives.
Increased use of artificial intelligence to automate tasks and jobs, demand for new digital age skills and competencies, rapidly changing customer needs and technology innovations have upended the traditional ways of planning, allocating and staffing jobs to meet workload requirements. Strategic workforce planning incorporating what-ifs analysis and robust forecasted projections of demographics, supply of skills and contingent staff versus permanent hires are key to enabling companies to be agile in developing workforce models and responding to business needs.
Arete Advisors Strategic Workforce Planning

The gap between companies' current state  workforce capabilities and profile and senior management's expectations of where it needs to be is wide. While 68% of senior management believes there needs to be a strong alignment between companies' workforce strategies with the business strategies, only 44% state they have a clear understanding of what are the critical competencies necessary to enable those strategies. Worse, only 39% feel they have the right workforce mix of skills and employee/contingent staff ratio to enable their business strategies.


Within a short time my team was enthusiastically engaged and met our objectives. To this day, we use the concepts and language suggested by Alan.

CEO, Health Institute

Arete's team of coaches were very impactful. They were very insightful, listened to what our concerns were, helped us design a program that was well-received by our team of leaders who were initially skeptical about the program.  The participants (coachees) feedback were excellent - (they) found the coaching program helpful. Thank you.

SVP, Human Resources, Privately Held Company

Robin, our coach did an amazing job to help us develop a strategy that met our objectives. She offered a lot of insights and useful tips in a short time that helped us with our communications campaign, messaging and approach. She accurately and quickly determined what would appeal to our audience and helped us develop a communications style that leveraged our strengths as individuals and as a collective group. The board and top management were impressed with the outcome. We highly recommend Arete.

Country Manager and Senior Director, $1B Company

I was looking for a coach who had business knowledge and operational experience. My coach fit the bill. She not only had extensive experience but she was very patient in helping me identify my goals and objectives. I developed a better way of getting my message across that was more succinct and effective. My self-awareness increased. I learned a lot about myself and applied new techniques and concepts that made me a better manager and leader.

VP, Nonprofit

Lilian is a great coach. - Ram Charan, Top 30 Global Management Guru

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