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A staggering 46% of hospitals across the US were penalized by CMS. How could this have been prevente

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What can hospitals do to reduce readmissions, prevent CMS penalties, loss of revenues and combat rising cost, waste and disengaged physicians?

A staggeringly high percentage (46%) of US registered hospitals faced readmission penalties in 2018 (Footnote). This reduced Medicare reimbursement payments that CMS makes to affected hospitals between Oct. 1.,2017 and Sept. 30., 2018. This loss of revenue and wasteful readmissions can be avoided if hospitals adopt a systems and scientific approach.

Learn what two physicians, one of whom is the chairperson and chief executive officer of a leading hospital and medical center based in Seattle have to say about this approach in this article. Click on Hospital image above to download the full article in PDF format or request the article be emailed to you by contacting


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