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Our Work

Call us to discuss work we have accomplished that mirror your needs. Read on for samples of our work.

Global Transformation Change

Services Provided:

  • Executive Support

  • Project Management

  • Change Management

The client was a global professional services firm with geographically dispersed sponsors and a highly diverse and multi-cultural network of stakeholders.  The client needed to implement transformation change on a global level in order to survive major external and market driven changes. Daunted by operating complexities across geographical borders, and lacking the bench strength to drive change on an enormous scale, the firm failed to gain the needed momentum to accomplish objectives according to plan.


Our approach and solution

We collected 'Voice of the Customer' data and analyzed what had been accomplished, what worked and what didn't. We recommended and led corrective actions which helped turn the transformation around. Steps taken included:

  • Unified stakeholders with compelling narratives for change

  • Established a multi-year integrated people, policy, process, technology roadmap

  • Provided a platform that served to give stakeholders a unifying vision

  • Assessed requirements for an enterprise change management plan

  • Developed a change management strategy that was integrated and in lock-step with the process, technology and business workplans

Creating a Continuous Improvement culture

Services Provided:

  • Transformation Change

  • Operational Excellence

A large insurer wanted to institute a culture of continuous improvement to improve productivity, increase efficiency and overcome customer dissatisfaction.  The company lacked bench strength needed to accomplish these goals. 

Our solution and approach

We established a key pilot program that would serve as the foundation of an enterprise-wide transformation change. The program test drove the operating model and capability design to ensure it was aligned to the company's strategic goals, conducive to the company's organization culture and stood a strong chance of successful implementation. The new capability identified hundreds of opportunities across the enterprise to yield operational efficiency, cultivated a customer-centric focus, shifted resources from low-value added tasks to high-value impact activities, and delivered cost savings.

Key Investment and Operational Projects Not Delivering Results

Services Provided:

  • Change Management -
    Learning & Development

  • Executive Support

  • PMO

  • Project Management

A reputable non-profit organization's board of directors and its executive management team was deeply troubled by chronic delays and overrun budgets experienced by key and strategic projects.


Our solution and approach

We conducted a people, process, and policy enterprise assessment to identify gaps and ways in which the organization has opportunities to improve their project management, portfolio management and fiscal management capabilities and policies.  The assessment highlighted severe gaps, provided recommendations and helped the organization prioritize corrective actions. We helped the organization implement select recommendations and corrective actions including the following:

  • Designed and delivered project management training

  • Collaborated with the CFO and finance team to redesign fiscal management policies to align and enable improved decision-making surrounding investment projects

  • Delivered a PMO and project management playbook

  • Coached operational managers and head of departments on key projects

  • Educate sponsors on the role of sponsorship

Loss Revenue, Unhappy Clients

Services Provided:

  • Operational Excellence

  • Project Management

  • Revenue Management

The client was a major professional services company that enjoyed double-digit growth in a rapidly growing market. After a period of astronomical success, the company's growth was projected to slow down due to increased competition and customer complaints. Recent customer surveys showed many clients were unhappy with quality of service delivery and demanded billings to be substantially discounted.

Our approach and solution

We analyzed the customer survey results, investigated the root causes after meeting with the client's various stakeholders and customers and made recommendations which we helped implement and lead.  Sample recommendations that helped restore the client's customers confidence and increase billings included:

  • Implemented standards in delivery practices, and tools

  • Provided the client's customers with a dashboard that provided transparency, accuracy and real-time monitoring of  delivery and quality throughout the project

  • Established a Project Management playbook incorporating agreed to standards and trained all professionals to adopt the same lingo

  • Revised customers' payment schedule to correlate with value-creation deliverables

Regulatory Management Program

Services Provided:

  • Change Management 

  • Executive Support

  • Project Management

  • Operational Excellence

A major insurance company was struggling to implement and modernize their enterprise records management system and manage their operational risk down to an acceptable level.


Our solution and approach

We conducted an as-is assessment to identify the root-causes of the troubled program. Findings revealed the project lacked adequate funding, did not have senior management support and was not structured to be able to execute well. We recommended and implemented changes which addressed these fundamental issues. Solutions included:

  • Established a business case and raised project funding by 500%

  • Crafted a compelling change narrative

  • Secured senior management and key stakeholders buy-in

  • Established a three-year implementation roadmap

  • Restructured the program

  • Developed a master program plan and supporting sub-projects

  • Developed RFPs and selected key vendors 

  • Coached sponsors, business and process owners

  • Defined the major processes

Chief of Staff to Senior Management

Services Provided Varied. Contact us to learn more.

A Fortune 500 company was undergoing major management changes. The lack of bench strength and constant organizational changes necessitated the need for interim chief of staff assistance. 


Our solution and approach

We provided Chief-of-Staff assistance to various members of the senior management team. Examples include:

  • Organized a complex off-site leadership meeting for an incoming (new) CEO

  • Partnered with the General Counsel and senior legal team to implement Operational Excellence

  • Supported the Chief Actuary Officer to conduct an enterprise-wide corporate risk assessment

  • Conducted confidential and time-sensitive assessments

  • Shaped and structured critical enterprise-wide initiatives

  • Established the foundation for enterprise change

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