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Our Expertise

Arete Advisors is dedicated to serving small and large enterprises and helping them achieve more with less. We provide on-site, remote, on-demand, project-based and interim services to help leaders solve problems in a cost effective and pragmatic manner. Our global reach and rich international experience allows us to help you identify issues quickly and develop sound solutions that are tailored to your organization's unique and cultural needs.

We bring lessons learned and valuable experience from across industries to
accelerate development of project deliverables and shorten delivery time.

Industries We Work In
Our Expertise

We pride ourselves for the high-quality work and results we achieve for our clients. 
Here is a sample of what we do best:



We help business leaders solve strategic business problems, shape strategy, develop roadmaps, and create complex plans.

Talent & Workforce Strategy

Business/Technology Blueprints

Digital, Cloud & Cybersecurity Strategy

Operational Excellence

Cost Optimization

Customer Experience

New Markets Target Operating Model

Greenfield Capabilities

Center of Excellence

Change & Transformation


Woman with Laptop
Interim Executive/Non-Executive Support


Our chief of staff expertise help a busy owner of a smaller organization or an executive of a larger company stay focus on the most pertinent business issues - by taking the monkey off his/her back

Our executive chief of staffs do not replace the function of an executive or administrative assistant. On the contrary they collaborate with the leader's assistant, direct reports and teams to perform a wide range of strategic and tactical activities - geared towards enabling the leader to maximize his/her time and productivity. 

Our eCoSs are highly trained, qualified and possess leadership experience. They have built their own organizations, directed departments and managed divisions.  

They offer the busy owner and executive a unique value proposition - the ability to lead and complete high-level tasks with discretion, strong judgment and business acumen. They wear many hats; functioning as advisor, counsel, consigliere, project manager, facilitator and strategic coordinator. Their responsibility vary with the needs of the individual leader. Here are some ways in which we have helped other busy senior leaders like yourself:

  • Manage strategic priorities

  • Handle special cross-functional projects

  • Manage departmental/business unit/executive communications (townhalls, content for external/internal presentations, messaging, etc.)

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We understand that sometimes the strategy has been set, and plans have been developed but companies run into execution or operational issues caused by capacity constraints, market changes or other factors. Learn more about how we helped your peers in these areas:

People Operations

Strategy & Policy Development

Leadership & Organizational Development

Dashboard Reporting

Organization Change Management

Process Optimization

Project Management

Program Management


Internal Controls

Risk Management

Business /Data Analytics

Cloud Adoption



Software-Defined WAN

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Business Meeting at a Cafe
Interim Executives


Dynamic business and market changes sometimes leave owners of small businesses and executives of larger companies with a critical void on the leadership team. We can not only help you fill this key void quickly but also give you access to valuable experience, fresh ideas and strengthen your bench strength to accomplish immediate goals.

​With a "been there, done that" experience, our seasoned executives will help you keep the momentum going, turn challenging situations around, build up a new function, accelerate a start-up, achieve a short-term goal or address some immediate challenge. 

Further, by deploying interim help, it will buy you time to verify your exact leadership talent needs, as well as help you contain or defer additional fixed overhead cost.

Learn how we can serve you in similar or like the roles below.

  • Change Management Executive Lead

  • Chief Administrative Officer

  • Chief Technology/Infrastructure Officer

  • Cloud Migration Executive Lead

  • Continuous Improvement Leader

  • Internal Controls Officer

  • Program Director

  • PMO Director

  • Regulatory Management Officer

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confidential evaluation of your unique needs.
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