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Financial, Big Data and IT Operations Analytics

From IT, Finance, Security and Marketing to HR and Compliance departments, department leaders and the C-Suite across industries are under increasing pressure to understand and make accurate informed decisions based on big data.

Clients, consumers, the board room, investors and industry analysts are no longer content with the way things were done yesterday. They expect more.

Companies, management, decision-makers and teams must not only be able to anticipate and predict business and consumer needs, they must do so quickly and constantly. 

Our interdisciplinary team of data scientists, data analysts, project managers, system analysts, financial and process analysts can help you transform your data and generate meaningful and actionable insights that would exceed your stakeholders' expectations.

When was the last time you made accurate informed decisions based on powerful insights derived from your

big data source?

Create a culture of evidence-based decision-making

using data analytics and boost business performance.  Harvard Business Review studies reveal companies that utilize operating data in day-to-day decision making can significantly improve business performance.

Learn how we can help you cultivate this culture.

Our multi-disciplinary team of domain and industry subject matter experts working in collaboration with data analysts, data scientists, statisticians, and  communication experts will not only translate your big data into powerful insights, they will help you create visually stunning real-time dashboards and craft compelling stories based on accurate information correlated from multiple and disparate sources of data.
Fast and accurate data analysis promise to deliver powerful insights and
the type of predictability that can dramatically cut costs, 
boost productivity, increase speed to market, improve margins, sales,
customer satisfaction and employee engagement. In healthcare, accurate robust analytics could
prolong and save lives while lowering cost of care and clinicians' burnout.
The possibilities are endless.
From IT operations analytics to consumer behavior analytics,
data-bred ideas are transforming operations and business in profound ways.
Learn how analytics are supporting, enabling and changing the way departments, business units
and companies are making decisions.

IT Operations Analytics

Identify & Analyze Employee Engagement Drivers

Consumer Behavior Analytics

Support Strategic Decision Making Processes





Productivity, Cost-Driver, and Finance-Support Analytic

Turn BIG Data into powerful Insights for Daily Decision-Making. 

We help you create intelligence to enable accurate and informed strategic decisions.

Use Case Examples
IT Operations Analytics
Our financial and data analytic experts
help solve the following examples of decision-making issues that rely on correlating massive amounts of data from disparate sources:
  • Determine the true cost of idle system capacity
  • Calculate the true cost of data protection
  • Determine the most cost-effective approach for data protection
  • Detect application slow down due to storage contention
  • Detect hotspots in shared infrastructure
Healthcare Analytics
Our healthcare data scientist and analytic experts help solve the following examples of decision-making issues that rely on extracting and aggregating structured and unstructured data from a variety of
sources :
  • Identify patients with a high risk of hospital re-admissions
  • Correlate data between payers and insurers to forecast and predict medical costs
  • Identify opportunities and drivers for reducing costs to support and achieve Accountable Care Organization (ACO) objectives
  • Design system interoperability to share data between stakeholders and improve data accuracy and promote single source of truth
  • Identify bottlenecks in Accounts Receivables and improve cashflow and revenue management cycle
  • Reduce claims denials

We assist companies in every stage of their advanced analytics maturity curve.

From technical experts to strategic thinkers, developers to statisticians, our talent will help you identify the exact skills needed to accomplish your advanced analytics goal, and assist you with your task or program.

We assist you to define where you want to go, what are your goals in 3 to 5 years, assess what is your current state, and establish the gaps and develop a plan to address those gaps and move up the maturity curve.

We assist you to define measurable goals, and develop a performance measurement program to monitor your progress to identify corrective actions quickly.

We help you build analytics dashboards and get near real-time actionable insights that you can consume on various types of end-user devices (laptops, androids, desktops, etc.) while on the run.

We help you wrangle, correlate, calibrate, and perform diagnostic or predictive modeling.

We help you with change management, training and communication activities to build adoption and develop proper use of your analytics' capabilities and tools. We make your analytics program "stick" so you realize the full benefits of your analytics program investment.

We help you develop a data governance program with standards defined, policies and procedures to support standardization.

Need help with Tools?

Our team is versed in
Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, SAS, Python, R, and many more. 
Ask us for a demo.

We will help you select an enterprise or cloud analytics tool suitable for your business needs.

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