Does your culture embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?
Does it measure up? 

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We are no ordinary DEI consultants.

Our passion, advocacy, rigor, expertise, diverse talent and proven tools and methods have yielded extraordinary impact on business outcomes. Results included higher employee engagement, a culturally competent organization, increased confidence in leadership to do the right thing, boosted morale and marked improvements in productivity. 

Our proven toolkit gives you a quick jumpstart. Take a quick pulse survey using best practices and DEI expert designed questions.  Find out how well you measure up against others. Learn what your employees and leaders really think about difficult DEI issues. Take action and address the cultural DEI gaps.

Ready to begin your DEI initiative?

Here are some things to consider.


Assess your organization's current DEI state


Identify areas of opportunities and low-hanging fruit to create a more inclusive culture, a racially bias-free workplace and an equitable work environment.


Develop a DEI roadmap and strategy to align with your organization's business objectives, mission and strategic plan.


Build DEI knowledge, skills, know-how, how-to among your leaders


Foster a climate and culture of inclusiveness


Design DEI programs and Employee Resource Group initiatives that create meaningful change and impactful outcomes.


Seventh list item. Add your own content here or connect to data from your collection.

Only 57% of American workers are comfortable engaging in open honest conversations about race, gender, and diversity related topics and challenges.

How does your organization's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  (DEI) Cultural DNA benchmark
against others in similar sectors and size?

Find out today how other executives and leaders in high ranking positions cultivate positive changes.

We make it easy and do the heavy-lifting.

Take a quick and meaningful pulse of your organization's hearts and minds. Learn the answers to questions like the ones below and action the gaps.

Examples of Pulse Survey Questions to assess DEI's current state:

  1. Do your people feel encouraged to talk openly about these sensitive topics?

  2. Are your leaders and line managers prepared and skilled to confront and tackle racial issues with customers and their teams?

  3. Is your HR infrastructure adequately equipped to handle DEI in your talent acquisition and talent management processes such as hiring, onboarding, rewards and recognition, career advancement, learning and development opportunities, pay equity, and more?

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