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Break down the problem in manageable pieces.

Identify the root-causes.

Develop sustainable solutions.

Craft an actionable plan.

Execute the details.

Measure results.


Mind the big picture goal.

Create impactful outcomes.

It's what we do well every single day.

We help clients solve complex problems.

Masters at Problem Solving

Have a great strategic idea but don't have the bench strength to execute?

Lower than expected employee engagement scores? Staff and teams not achieving expected outcomes or progress?


Need to migrate to cloud but don't know where to start?


Challenged by mounting cyber issues and don't have the domain expertise to handle?


Faced with unhappy customers and don't have the manpower to identify the root-causes?

Struggling with driving change outcomes?

Not a problem.

Solving these and other problems like it are what we do best. Learn how we help clients with their operational challenges, transformational change journey, operational excellence goals, program management requirements, interim management, leadership and talent development and succession planning needs and more.

With 100s of years of experience solving complex management issues for public, private and nonprofit sectors - we help clients like you achieve impactful outcomes using practical approaches and best practices that fit your unique needs.

Case Studies
Case Studies
Global Transformation Change

The client is a global professional services firm with geographically dispersed sponsors and a highly diverse and multi-cultural network of stakeholders.  The client needed to implement transformation change on a global level in order to survive major external and market driven changes. Daunted by operating complexities across geographical borders, and lacking the bench strength to drive change on an enormous scale, the firm failed to gain the needed momentum to accomplish objectives according to plan.


Our approach and solution

We collected 'Voice of the Customer' data and analyzed what had been accomplished, what worked and what didn't. We recommended and led corrective actions which helped turn the transformation around. Steps taken included:

  • Unified stakeholders with compelling narratives for change

  • Established a multi-year integrated people, policy, process, technology roadmap

  • Provided a platform that served to give stakeholders a unifying vision

  • Assessed requirements for an enterprise change management plan

  • Developed a change management strategy that was integrated and in lock-step with the process, technology and business workplans

Global Transformation Change

Services Provided:

  • Executive Support

  • Project Management

  • Change Leadership

  • Change Management

  • Communications

Strategic Workforce Planning and Development

The client is one of the two most important U.S. Brokerage and Securities regulatory bodies, overseeing over 4,000 brokerage firms and 625,000 registered securities representatives. 



In response to major and rapidly changing business needs and regulatory threats, the client needed to create a more optimal and cost-effective workforce model. It needed to transform its organization and shift to a model that comprised of a better mix of talent, skills, competencies, and employee contractor ratio across all support functions and lines of businesses. The client struggled with a multitude of challenges satisfying business needs because it didn’t have the needed skills, capacity and the rising cost of its workforce was not sustainable. Documentation of its existing competencies, skills and job functions were outdated. Capacity and talent management were mostly reactive and not linked or integrated with its business plans.  Lastly, the client didn’t have the in-house capabilities to strategically plan, design and develop its workforce models to adapt to constantly changing business needs.


Our approach and solution

  • Designed a strategic workforce planning framework and toolkit that was adopted as a standard framework across all support functions

  • Developed a job family framework, key functional competency/skills models and targeted proficiency levels for various support functions including all Information Technology areas (infrastructure, application development, security)

  • Defined a key data collection plan and conducted a thorough as-is demographic and workload analysis

  • Conducted what-ifs and scenario analysis

  • Created a formal report of the agency’s current workforce profile and designed a to-be workforce profile and requirements analysis based on what-if scenarios agreed to with key stakeholders

  • Conducted an impact analysis based on the future workforce profile, design and plans

  • Prepared and presented final report and solicited leadership buy-in for analysis of as-is vs. to-be gaps, recommended action plans and strategies to address gaps and transition to to-be model

  • Guided, coached and conducted knowledge transfer to assist client to transition to the to-be workforce model including development of change narratives, communications plan and strategy and conducted workshops to help the agency’s HR team to prepare and execute the transition plan

  • Conducted knowledge transfer and defined processes to enable key client personnel to conduct future and ongoing reviews and assessments of their workforce, and to develop and modify future workforce plans to respond to ongoing business needs and challenges

Strategic Workforce Planning,
Development & Transition


Services Provided:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Workload Analysis

  • What-If Scenario Analysis

  • Strategic Communications

  • Change Management

  • Transition Planning

  • Leadership Coaching & Support

  • Performance Support/Job Aids

  • Project Management

Continuous Improvement

A large insurer wanted to institute a culture of continuous improvement to improve productivity, increase efficiency and overcome customer dissatisfaction.  The company lacked bench strength needed to accomplish these goals. 

Our solution and approach

We established a key pilot program that would serve as the foundation of an enterprise-wide transformation change. The program test drove the operating model and capability design to ensure it was aligned to the company's strategic goals, conducive to the company's organization culture and stood a strong chance of successful implementation. The new capability identified hundreds of opportunities across the enterprise to yield operational efficiency, cultivated a customer-centric focus, shifted resources from low-value added tasks to high-value impact activities, and delivered millions in cost savings.

Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture

Services Provided:

  • Transformation Change

  • Operational Excellence

  • Communications

  • Lean Deployment

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Program Management

  • Project Management

Project Management

A reputable non-profit organization's board of directors and its executive management team were deeply troubled by chronic delays and overrun budgets experienced by its key projects.


Our solution and approach

We conducted a people, process, and policy enterprise assessment to identify gaps and ways in which the organization has opportunities to improve their project management, portfolio management and fiscal management capabilities and policies.  The assessment highlighted gaps and corresponding impacts, provided recommendations and prioritized corrective actions. We helped the organization implement select recommendations and corrective actions including the following:

  • Designed and delivered project management training

  • Collaborated with the CFO and finance team to redesign fiscal management policies to align and enable improved decision-making surrounding investment projects

  • Delivered a PMO and project management playbook

  • Coached operational managers and head of departments on key projects

  • Educate sponsors on the role of sponsorship

Building a PMO & Project Management Capability

Services Provided:

  • Change Management -
    Learning & Development

  • Executive Support

  • PMO

  • Project Management

Regulatory Management Case

Modernizing an Enterprise Records Management Capability for a Fortune 500

Services Provided:

  • Change Management 

  • Executive Support

  • Project Management

  • Operational Excellence

  • Regulatory Risk Assessment

A major insurance company needed to implement and modernize their enterprise records management system and manage their operational risk down to an acceptable level.


Our solution and approach

We conducted an as-is assessment to identifed the root-causes of the troubled program. Findings revealed the project lacked adequate funding, did not have senior management support and was not structured to be able to execute well. We recommended and implemented changes which addressed these fundamental issues. Solutions included:

  • Established a business case and raised project funding by 500%

  • Crafted a compelling change narrative

  • Secured senior management and key stakeholders buy-in

  • Established a three-year implementation roadmap

  • Restructured the program

  • Developed a master program plan and supporting sub-projects

  • Developed RFPs and selected key vendors 

  • Coached sponsors, business and process owners

  • Defined the major processes

Built security resilience for a large IT infrastructure organization 

Services Provided:

  • Technology Infrastructure Solutions

  • IT Security

The client, a Fortune 250 financial services enterprise and government mandated Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) was struggling to keep their systems secure, as they had fallen behind on computer Operating System versions, and in applying server Operating System patches. Lack of patching had been identified as a Board level risk and the client was suffering from financial fraud attacks on a continuous basis.

Our Solution and Approach
We led technical and operational initiatives across IT Infrastructure and Application Development, and the Global Security Office to upgrade out of date Operating Systems, and to define processes to ensure future compliance with vendor patch cycles. We implemented technology to operationally deliver Operating System patching on a regular cadence. Our consultants:


  • Managed inventory across 30,000 server Operating Systems with respect to server Operating System versions and patch levels

  • Defined technology requirements and implemented technology to remediate Operating System patches

  • Implemented processes to deliver patches on a monthly and quarterly cadence to 30,000 server instances

Delivered a high-performance compute facility for a Large Global Bank

Services Provided:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Technology Infrastructure Solutions

  • Service Management Models

  • Process Improvement

  • Project Management

The Client, a leading investment bank with global operations in over 45 countries was falling behind in their ability to offer complicated financial instruments to their clients, as they did not have the requisite compute capacity to adequately price risk. Their prior approach had been to build dedicated compute plants for each business unit, which lacked scale and capacity. We implemented a shared facility with much larger aggregate capacity, and burst capacity for individual tenants.


Our Solution and Approach
We led technical and operational initiatives to implement the shared compute facility for all internal clients at the bank, with sufficient controls for borrowing and lending capacity, and segregation of business units as required by various legal frameworks. This also enabled nascent business opportunities to be explored without lead times and financial risk associated with a new venture.

  • Implemented multiple physical compute centers across Europe and Americas, middleware for connectivity and data transport and application interfaces.

  • Led the selection process for commercial Grid Scheduling product

  • Defined operational processes for management of compute centers and interaction with traditional data centers

  • Implemented service management processes for consumption of capacity from the shared facility

Short-Form Case Studies
Additional Case Studies - Summaries. Detailed versions available upon request.
  • Organizational Effectiveness
    To better prepare organizations for the digital era, we work with top management, leaders and staff to identify, assess and validate pain points, challenges and barriers to maximizing an organization's performance.  We collaborate with leaders and their teams to develop, prioritize and implement practical solutions that demonstrate results within 3, 6 and 9 months. 

  • Adopting New Methodologies and Ways of Doing Things
    To enable companies to keep pace with innovative ways of doing things, we help modernize capabilities. Public agencies, public-traded companies and non-profits are alike in the need to retool, re-skill and prepare the workforce to adopt new ways of thinking and do things differently. We introduced adoption of new methodologies (Agile, LEAN six sigma) and institutionalized cultural change to foster new behaviors, and acquire better problem solving skills. 

  • Gap Assessments & Operational Improvements
    We collaborated with departmental teams and leaders (for a pharmaceutical, bank, insurance carrier among others) - to listen and collect internal/external customers' needs and pain points, assess the issues, confirm the gaps, identify the root-causes, develop remediation plans and execute action plans. As a result, $100s of millions of dollars in payables were paid on time, $9-20M in savings were realized, up to 40% process efficiencies were gained, +10% improvements in customer experiences were made and +90% processing defects were eliminated.

  • Learning and Development
    To respond to changing business and market needs, we helped train 100s and 1000s of leaders and associates at business unit, departments and enterprise levels. We designed, developed and delivered training for new policies and processes, regulatory requirements, software and systems, and how to operate in "future-state" business models. Our training programs are designed to meet business objectives and consistently receive high satisfaction scores from participants for relevance, value-add content, meeting business objectives and superb organization.

  • Project & Program Management Maturity
    We helped large, med-size and small organizations to objectively establish their enterprise baseline maturity levels, set realistic 2 to 5-year targets, develop roadmaps and implement plans to move the dial up the maturity curve.

  • Product Agnostic Vendor/Software Selection
    We assisted IT, Finance, HR, audit and compliance departments and their leaders to assess their technology, software and cloud solution needs using best practices, disciplined processes and proven methodologies/tools to select vendors, solutions and systems that best met their organizational needs and business requirements.

  • Regulatory Management
    We worked with various Finance, Legal, Compliance, and Audit teams to evaluate the impact of new regulations on their enterprise, established and executed plans to successfully meet those new requirements in a timely manner.


Executive Support Case Studies

Improve your productivity.

Get Chief of Staff help you can trust.

Learn how we assisted organizations with their interim leadership and executive support needs.

The one thing that most leaders are after when they turn to us for help in this space is our absolute trustworthiness, integrity, discretion and strong judgment in handling sensitive material in these capacities.

No two companies, however, would have identical needs when it comes to addressing a short-term capacity issue that could be resolved by having interim leadership assistance and executive support. The following are examples of how we helped some leaders with their interim needs. To ascertain your specific need and how we can help you, let us have a confidential conversation.

Chief of Staff - Leadership Offsite Event Planning & More

A new incoming CEO of a critical profit center and Fortune 500 company needed to accomplish certain key objectives within a very compressed time frame. The person already had much to do and was still assessing the person's leadership team and therefore couldn't yet assign the task to someone on the team, so the person turned to us to provide interim chief of staff assistance. Because of the time-sensitive and confidential nature of the tasks involved, one of the key requirements was an accomplished executive who had strong judgment, discretion, and was trustworthy.

Combining the knowledge and expertise across disciplines including process improvement, event planning, operations, project management and general management, our seasoned executive delivered a wide range of high-level tasks and enabled the CEO to accomplish critical objectives:

  • RFP for an Operations Assessment
    Developed and issued RFPs. Evaluated and sourced a vendor that could conduct an as-is operational assessment, identify opportunities for improvement and help craft a five-year roadmap.

  • Vendor and Contract Management
    Managed the vendor to accomplish the assessment goals with minimal disruption on current operations and without alarming the current operations team

  • Leadership Offsite Event Planning and Management
    Planned, organized and managed all aspects of the multi-day leadership offsite, including sourcing for venue, arranging catering, accommodations for speakers and participants, drafting, preparing and producing event materials, developing agenda and working with minutiae details to ensure full participation from targeted leaders (during a busy season).

  • Quality Management
    Served as sounding board and guided the vendor throughout the assessment exercise and conducted preliminary reviews of deliverables to make sure they would meet the CEO's expectations.

  • General Coordination and Administration
    Worked with various executive assistants to prepare participants and speakers for the event and ensured participants who have an active role or were presenting at the event met the delivery expectations

  • Coach and Counsel
    Represented the CEO and fielded inquiries regarding the operational assessment and event, providing coaching and counsel to targeted staff and leaders required to participate or be interviewed for the operational assessment. 


The operational assessment deliverables and outcomes served as the platform for the new CEO's vision and five-year roadmap. The chosen vendor did such an outstanding job that they were subsequently retained for further assignments. The highly complex and confidential set of activities involving busy leaders were supremely well-organized and well-received by participants (despite the short notice). With finesse applied by our executive, rumors and concerns were quelled and the leadership event became overwhelmingly successful. Importantly, the new CEO's objectives were met and expectations exceeded.


"Gets the job done" - CEO

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Chief of Staff Assistance with Annual Business Planning Process

A CFO of a premium multi-billion dollar professional sports organization learned that the his team was severely handicapped by an outdated and broken annual business planning process. The person needed one of his leaders to not only overhaul the process but also facilitate and lead the initiative from idea to completion. Pressed for time and faced with an already overworked team, he turned to us.


Our executive consultant quickly integrated with his leadership team, and using a consultative, disciplined and inclusive process, led and managed the initiative in a systematic manner. With an agreed to and customized approach, our seasoned executive wasted no time interviewing and collecting input from stakeholders, analyzed the root-causes, redesigned the implicated processes and policies with recommended alternatives, led the pilot and facilitated the new process.


Besides gaining a more effective and efficient annual business planning process, the organization saved significant time and money because with a seasoned executive providing hands-on leadership and managing the initiative end-to-end, the CFO and his leadership team was able to keep time involvement in the initiative to a minimum, focusing only on high-value tasks, and they saved cost from not having to hire or dedicate a subject matter expert or a project manager to the initiative because the seasoned executive provided the general management skills and expertise in all of the necessary areas to accomplish the critical task.


"Exceptional Service" - CFO

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Healthcare Client Stories

Transformational Cost Savings for A Major Multi-State Health Network System

Patient Wait Times at a Major Hospital Reduced by More than 50%

Reduced Readmissions at a 400+ bed hospital resulted in
$1 Million annualized savings

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