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If the answer is yes, we can help you. 

Leverage our thought leadership and proven methods to boost revenues, margins and efficiencies. Learn how our tested methods have eliminated defects (to zero errors), resolve quality issues, reduce expenses, contain cost and slash operating expenses by up to 10-15% of the cost base. From healthcare to financial services, our multi-disciplined experts in industrial engineering principles such as business process re-engineering, Deming's PDCA philosophy and Lean Six Sigma quality improvement methodologies have delivered remarkable quantifiable and validated results.

Mortgage Loan Officer: "Your loan will just be with our underwriting

team for another 30 days,

Mr & Mrs. Jones."

Mrs. Jones: "Honey, let's take our business to Express Mortgage on

Cloud. I hear they do it in just

3 days and they have excellent


mr. Jones: "Hokey-dokey, honey."

Process Reengineering, Continuous Improvement and Process Improvement

Some call it process reengineering, others call it continuous improvement.  Still, many use the term, "process excellence", "process optimization" or "operational excellence".

Whatever you call it, we do not discriminate. The bottom line is that if your organization desires to improve operational efficiencies, positively impact the top and bottom line, not lose sales and repeat customers because of poor service, backlogs, processing delays and bottlenecks, we can help you. 

Be it to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, launch Operational Excellence, deploy Lean Six Sigma enterprise-wide, improve a single process flow or design a new process - our process designers, reengineering practitioners, Kaizen Masters, Lean and/or Lean Six Sigma experts will help you evaluate your organization's and business needs, diagnose the issue and root causes, craft a plan unique to your requirements and aid in executing the project end-to-end to deliver quantifiable benefits.  Importantly, we will help you establish measures to ensure your process does not roll back to the old ways of doing things.

We translate your raw and processed data into high-impact opportunities and ideas for improvement to create shareholder value, positively impact the bottom-line and dramatically improve customer, client or patient satisfaction.

"And this is where our ED workflow redesign team uncovered all the bottlenecks"

Healthcare Success Stories

In healthcare, we have dramatically improved processes, patient flows, and operational efficiencies while simultaneously delivered $100's of millions in cost savings as well as substantially increased reimbursement earnings and revenues.

We don't just help you improve your quality metrics, we help you win the hearts and minds of your patients and employees. We also help you establish a reputation for quality. We increase your CMS ratings, HEDIS quality compliance scores and AHQA Quality Improvement goals.  We have delivered dramatic results and help others earned quality improvement and operational excellence awards and we will do the same for you.


CMS Ratings


AHQA Quality Improvement Metrics

Financial Services Sector

In Financial Services, our seasoned advisors bring a wealth of experience from retail and investment banking, a broad range of insurance products (life, disability, medical, group, small business, individual, property and casualty) and mortgage lending to help you dramatically improve loan closing rates, reduce loan processing and underwriting cycle times, improve In-Good-Order (incoming applications) rates, reduce claims cycle times and transaction costs, and improve average (loan officer) productivity/revenue.


Branch Wait Times

Customer Service

Call Center


Lending/Loan Processing


Credit Card Processing

Account Opening/Closing


New Business Processing

Claims Processing

Premium Processing

Strategic Sourcing

Annuity Operations

Account Management

Retirement Account Servicing

Annuity Withdrawals and Surrenders


Loan Origination

Loan Processing


Call Center

Customer Service


Financial Services Success Stories

We help financial services clients identify source of customer complaints and pain-points, reduce process cycle times, improve operational efficiencies, increase productivity and free up operational budgets for capital investments - all without large capital or technology investments.

Through various approaches and proven techniques, we have helped clients deploy Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Deming's PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology, implement Operational Excellence, cultivate a Process Excellence mindset and undertake Process Improvement initiatives - yielding the following outcomes:

Customer Satisfaction Improvements

Error Rate and Defect Reduction

Improved compliance

Increased Throughput
Productivity Improvements

Simplified Processes

Streamlined Processes

Reduced Cycle Times

Reduced Variation

Reduced Waste and Non-Value-Add Activities

Improved Lean Six Sigma Quality Levels

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