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CyberSecurity, Cloud Security and Information Security

Our security advisors are experts across a range of security areas, from cloud security and advanced threat protection to Data Loss Protection and EndPoint Security. We help large, small and med-sized enterprises as well as public agencies assess their security risks, develop strategies and solutions to prevent, detect, monitor and respond to a wide spectrum of cyber attacks and threats. Through our joint venture partnership with Hararei, Inc., an innovative technology consultancy, we help clients implement leading and next-gen cyber and cloud security technologies using artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral analytics.

Our advisors have helped companies across the globe secure, store and protect crown jewels (petabytes of PII and PHI data) for large investment banks, retail banks, financial services, payroll and HR companies.

Almost 700

hacking incidents and cyber attacks have been reported in 2017
(as of June 30, 2017).

Will you be one of the next victims?


Will you take action and be prepared?

Schedule a FREE consultation today to evaluate your security risks, discuss your challenges, obtain industry insights or learn how we can help you build resilience. 

CyberSecurity Body
Services at a Glance

Services at a Glance

We provide a range of security and risk management advisory services
to protect and secure your crown jewels, networks, data, digital assets,
mobile workers, physical assets and end-users.
We help companies fight cyber crime and defend their valuable assets
against criminal attacks both in the cloud and on-premise.
Threat Intelligence
Security Analytics
Mobile Security
Physical Security Management
Data Protection
Data Protection
Cloud Security
Compliance and  Governance
Communications, Education &
Security Risk
Incident Response

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Research based on twenty rich sources on how to better protect your crown jewels and win the war against the rise of data breaches.

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What We Do

Our cybersecurity and information security experts help clients evaluate their risks and identify their most vulnerable data. Working with your security, IT and business stakeholders, we develop strategies, define policies, processes, and governance, and help you select the best security tools and technologies to maximize the return on your security investment.


We work alongside you and your team to then deploy innovative next-gen technologies as needed. These technologies provide a suite of robust capabilities to handle threat intelligence, automated reporting using AI techniques, and real-time monitoring to enable detection and rapid response to attacks.


Here's some of what we do:

  • Build Security Operations Center (SOC) and Capabilities

  • Improve CyberSecurity Capability Maturity Level

  • Assess security risks

  • Identify exposed sensitive data-sets

  • Develop a comprehensive information security strategy

  • Define and adopt a cybersecurity framework that is consistent with industry or federal standards (NIST 800-171)

  • Implement training for end-users and executive/organizational leaders

  • Cultivate the right employee attitude towards information security - "It's everyone's responsibility" to protect
    and secure data

  • Define security policy, process and governance

  • Deploy cloud-based security solutions

  • Protect structured/unstructured data

  • Prevent, detect, contain/respond to Data Breaches/Exfiltration

  • Provide secured overlay networks

CyberSecurity Next-Gen Product Solutions

Ask our advisors about Gartner's leaders in the Secure Web Gateway, User and Entity Behavioral Analytics, User Authentication and other security focused Magic Quadrants to determine if they are suitable for your environment, and capable of enabling your business objectives.  Schedule complementary product demonstrations to assess your risks and identify vulnerable areas.

While we are product agnostic, our advisors are credentialed to implement the following Gartner ranked leaders in their respective Magic Quadrants and other leading security products:




DB Networks


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Featured Products

Featured Products

“ It’s obvious that legacy IT security methods
focused on protecting the perimeter are inadequate.
Just read any paper. Elvis has left the building —
and so have your users, devices, and applications.”
Larry Biagini
Chief Technology Evangelist, Zscaler
former CIO and Chief Technology Officer, GE (See Footnote)

Find out why Zscaler is the choice cloud and internet access security product for more than 5,000 leading organizations including United Airlines, Lab Corporation of America, Societe Generale, NBC and ABN-AMRO. Zscaler protects companies in 180+ countries.

Named a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways
7 years in a row.

Zscaler enables secure, policy-based access to the Internet. Block attacks in real time with network security that is always inline, cost-effective and easy to deploy. Zscaler can protect your employees from malware (including Ransomware), viruses and other internet threats, blocking attacks in real time. Zscaler security services scan and filter every byte of your network traffic, including SSL-encrypted sessions, as it passes to and from the internet.

  • Defense-in-depth security with Zero Day protection and sandboxing, including for encrypted SSL traffic

  • Web filtering with easy-to-use policy management

  • Global threat intelligence from over 30B transactions a day

  • Easily applied to all users, all devices, all locations, including for mobile security

  • Real-time reports for fast remediation, policy control, user management and more

Zscaler is delivered 100% in the cloud. It has been architectured to be easy to set up and scale and is more cost-effective than an appliance-based approach. Simply direct a portion of your traffic to Zscaler. With nothing to install or maintain, there is no patching, no upgrading, and no vendor lock–in.

“Varonis works across the whole organization. It works with our infrastructure, our Active Directory, it works on all the hardware and software we have. It’s allowed us to see what goes on – and see what’s out there. We were able to detect and disable a ransomware infection within 10 minutes of an attack.”

Wade Sendall, Vice President of IT, Boston Globe (See Footnote)

With increased risk of Data Breaches and cyber attacks, companies are increasingly pressured to secure their growing volumes of valuable unstructured data.  Varonis is the only company that can monitor, manage and protect human–generated data in critical file systems, email, intranets, and file shares, while at the same time increasing employee productivity and reducing costs. Varonis has proven that it can do it at scale cost effectively.  Varonis currently protects more than 5,000 customers across industries including NASA, Coca Cola, AXA, Toyota, Nasdaq, ING, Boston University, Children's Hospital and Health Systems, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, St. Luke's Health, and Union Bank.

“We went from identifying a solution to users authenticating with Duo in less than one week. From start to finish, the entire process was...” — Mike Fleckenstein, CIO, Anchorage School District.

“Duo makes it easier to meet regulatory requirements than you ever thought it could be.” — Kristianto Purnama, Network Systems Engineer, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

“Facebook is a very fast-paced environment and we needed technologies that would allow us to maintain that pace. Because of the ease of use ...” — John “Four” Flynn, Information Security Manage

“After Duo was added, no more accounts were compromised.” — Don Winsor, DCO Coordinator & Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan

“We were incredibly blown away at how our deployment went...this was the easiest deployment we’ve ever done. I’m really impressed.” — Ivan Leichtling, Security Manager, Yelp


Source:  Duo, 2017. See Footnote.

From small businesses with 155 employees to large global corporations with 200,000+ employees, Duo's easy-to-use, low cost, powerful security features and simple to install solution has become a go-to choice for thousands of companies.


From small hospitals to local community banks, state universities to social media giants, Duo has received nothing but impressive client and user reviews - securing millions of employees and workers around the world.

What does a social media giant like Facebook and a small business with 10 employees have in common?
Ability to afford DUO Security, the very best comprehensive security solution!
It costs less than the price of a Starbucks coffee a month to protect each of your mobile worker from unauthorized entry into your critical systems and access to sensitive customer data.

Duo Security‘s comprehensive security solution confirms the identity of users and the health of their devices before they connect to your applications. Duo makes security painless, so you can focus on what‘s important.

Duo protects against phishing, social engineering and password brute–force attacks and secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.

Free Resources

Free Resources, Tools and Frameworks

Product Disclaimer: In joint partnership with Hararei, Inc. our advisors are credentialed to consult and deliver the products listed on this page. Hararei, Inc. is a channel partner and value-add reseller for these products. 


Visit our strategic partner page and learn more about


Footnote:  Disclaimer - Product testimonials are republished from the respective product companies. Arete Advisors bears no responsibility and cannot be held liable for the accuracy of these statements.

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