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Halloween Treat! Pay full price for Day One in NJ and get your Day Two ticket in NY for FREE! Promo Special 10/31 only.


GNY 2018 Healthcare Executive Symposium

November 6 - DeVry University Paramus, NJ 8:30am - 12pm

November 7 - Union League Club, Midtown, NYC 8:00am - 11am

Hear from the finest healthcare leaders and the brightest minds in the Tristate area. Learn the latest thinking and thought leadership on Strategies, Best Practices, Applying Big Data and Predictive Analytics, Adopting Next-Generation Healthcare Technologies and more to positively impact Value-Based Care, Population Health, and ACOs. Gain insights from panel experts and speakers on how local community leaders and major providers strategically reduce cost, dramatically improve patient experience, efficiencies and quality.

The most exciting Greater New York (GNY) Healthcare Executive Symposium is coming to New York City and New Jersey this fall to convene leaders from the Tri-state area to share knowledge and insights and help shape and influence the future of healthcare delivery in these local communities.

adam steinberg.jpg
Adam Steinberg, DO, FACOG, FACS
Regional Medical Director of Quality,
Hartford Healthcare 
HartfordHealth- Mohamed.jpg
Mohamed Saleh
Sr. Director, Operational Excellence
Hartford Healthcare

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to meet some of NJ, NY and CT's movers and shakers in healthcare that are disrupting healthcare delivery with new strategies, data, next-generation technology, predictive analytics, and best practices, shaping the way we think about Population Health, and impacting Value-Based Care, Patient Experience and Quality. 

Program Details

Learn How Hartford Healthcare applied some of

Dr. Atul Gawande's advocated principles

to deliver significant efficiencies, positively impact patient experience and safety.

aVM Health GNY 2018 Healthcare Executive

Join us for this amazingly unique opportunity to hear from and meet two (2) recipients of the NJBiz 40 under 40 award in healthcare and a Top 90 Healthcare Leader under 40 in America as named by Becker's Hospital Review.

In a small elegant setting, Senior Healthcare Leaders and Experts will convene to network and engage in a rich dialogue to learn and share strategies, knowledge and insights about What Works, and What Doesn't on how to bend the cost curve and improve value-based purchasing outcomes, revenues, patient experience and quality using Big Data + Analytics, Next-Gen Technologies, Lean Six Sigma, Organization Change Management, Best Practices, strategies, tools and techniques.

Keynote Speaker

Join us for a rare opportunity to gain the perspectives of a Rising Star and among the Top Healthcare Leaders Under 40 in America (as named by Becker's Hospital Review in 2018). Dr. Omar Baker is Co-President, Chief Quality and Safety Officer of Riverside Medical Group and was the Co-Chair of the Healthcare Transition Committee to Governor Phil Murphy. This committee delivered a comprehensive report of recommendations which outlined the priorities to improve New Jersey's healthcare system. Dr. Baker is also an Advisory Board Member for the New Jersey Innovation Institute, a Council Member of NJ Healthcare Quality Institute and a member of the Admissions Committee for Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine. 


Speaker and Panel subtopics:

  • ACO

  • Value Based Purchasing

  • Population Health


  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Efficiency

  • Standardizing Delivery of Care

  • Patient Experience

  • Performance Improvement

  • Big Data Technology (Silver Peak)

  • Predictive Analytics (Tableau)

  • & More

Recommended Participants:


Chief Quality Officer, SVP/VP/Sr.Director - DSRIP, ACO, Pop
Health, Data, Analytics, Health Informatics,

IT/Infrastructure, Operational/Process Excellence


Recommended Organizations: Healthcare Stakeholders including Providers, Hospitals, Radiologists, Oncologists, Health Plans, Agencies, Behavioral Health  

Dr Omar Baker v1.jpg
BeckersHealth Rising Stars.JPG

Special Thanks

We thank Riverside Medical Group for sponsoring the distinguished keynote speaker, Dr. Omar Baker for this event.  We are grateful that Dr. Omar Baker is taking valuable time out of his schedule tending to patients and medical missions around the world to help this event create a positive impact on Greater New York healthcare leaders and communities.

Riverside Logo Use This.JPG


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Omar Baker

Co-President, Chief Quality and Safety Officer and Director of Performance Improvement of Riverside Medical Group.

Recipient of NJBiz 40 under 40 Award (2017)

Becker's Hospital Review 2018 Top 90 Healthcare Leaders under 40 


Dr. Baker oversees the Riverside’s growth and expansion through strategic acquisitions, new location openings and the recruitment of top medical specialists. Under his direction and leadership, Riverside has launched several new service lines including ENT, Gastroenterology, Behavioral and Mental Health and Allergy/Immunology. He believes that the business of healthcare must start first with high quality care, and then you will achieve the Iron Triangle of Healthcare (Quality, Access, Affordability). 


Constantly striving to deliver patient-centric, holistic care, Dr. Omar Baker developed the pediatric clinical protocols for the group. He has worked tirelessly to establish a standardized care delivery model to facilitate better medical outcomes. Dr. Omar Baker is responsible for implementing several population health initiatives to identify gaps of care, determine actionable change and accurately measure improvement. Under his direction, Riverside provides the same standard of care to every patient regardless of their income or insurance. Under his leadership, not only does Riverside provide its patients 24/7 access to care, the care provided is excellent in all 85 locations. Dr. Omar Baker developed monthly mandatory continuing education C.A.R.E.S (Culture, Access, Results, Empathetic, Satisfaction) Seminars for all 200+ medical providers and 1,200+ employees to reinforce the core principals and infrastructure that allow for optimal care delivery.  It is his goal to make Riverside’s care delivery model scalable, customizable and nationally relevant.


Notably, Dr. Omar Baker was the recipient of New Jersey’s prestigious NJBiz Forty Under 40 Award in 2017.  The publication notes, “These up-and-coming stars of the New Jersey business community have achieved professional excellence at a young age, representing the future of their industries and the state as a whole.”  Additionally, on September 19, 2017,  Dr. Omar Baker lead the clinical component panel of the New Jersey Hospital Association and New Jersey State Bar Association’s annual joint meeting which focused on the growing Opioid Epidemic in America. Recently Omar was recognized as one of the Top 90 Healthcare Leaders under 40 in America by Becker’s


Dr. Omar Baker serves on several committees at Hackensack University Medical Center including the Performance Improvement and Credentials.  He is on the MD Advantage Physician Advisory Board and a yearly recipient of the NJ Family Favorite Kids’ Doctor Award and the Patients Choice Award since 2011.  Dr. Baker’s late mother, Mrs. Izdihar Baker, was dedicated to community service and she is the inspiration behind his initiatives on free patient, staff and provider education.   Dr. Omar Baker and his wife established a Patient Assistance Fund at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital to help ease the burden of medical expenses on families with children afflicted by chronic diseases.


Committed to transforming healthcare in New Jersey, Dr. Omar Baker has a leading voice in prominent organizations and advocacy groups. Dr. Baker was the Co-Chair of the Healthcare Transition Committee to Governor Phil Murphy. The committee delivered a comprehensive report of recommendations which outlines the necessary priorities to improve New Jersey’s healthcare system. Dr. Baker is currently an Advisory Board Member for the New Jersey Innovation Institute, a Council Member for NJ Health Care Quality Institute, and he is on the Admissions Committee for the Seton Hall Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine. Omar Baker, MD is Board Certified in Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Omar Baker received his undergraduate and medical degrees from The George Washington University and completed his residency in Pediatrics at NYU Medical Center.

Our current healthcare delivery system is operating sub-optimally. 40 to 60 % of patients receive inappropriate care (Lilian Snodgrass, Becker’s Hospital Review, July 31, 2018).”We have been cowboys when what patients need are pit crews,” surgeon and best- selling author, Dr. Atul Gawande was quoted saying at the  American Academy of Physician Assistants IMPACT meeting (Nicole Blazek, Patients need pit crew, not cowboys, Clinical Advisor, 2014).




“What we surmise from this remark, other notable works that Dr. Gawande has published and his TED Talks is that for healthcare to successfully transform patient experience and outcomes, we must promote a culture of cohesiveness, coordinated systems, using Big data, using checklist (aka mistake-proofing in Lean Six Sigma lingo) to standardize delivery (as discussed in great detail by Dr. Gawande in his published books like The Checklist Manifesto),  fostering stakeholder buy-in from all the players that affect the end-to-end process of delivering care, and applying change management to foster physicians’ pact with administrators. To this end, we are honored and thrilled that Mohamed Saleh, Sr. Director of Operational Excellence at Hartford Healthcare, one of the Tristate’s leading healthcare organizations has accepted to speak with us at this event and share their success and war stories in leveraging some of these same principles to drive dramatic improvements in quality, efficiency, and safety while reducing cost,“ said Lilian Snodgrass, a senior principal of aVM Health.  “It is incredibly important that all the players in the value chain of providing patient care come together from within and outside their immediate organization to interact and collaborate in our joint endeavor to positively change healthcare delivery for the better.  The speakers at this event represent many facets of healthcare functions and this notion.” 


Learn more about these principles in the Becker's Health article written by Lilian Snodgrass in the link below and gain more insights about how to apply these principles at this Event in Fall.

Nicole Blazek quotes Dr. Atul Gawande in Clinical Advisor. Reproduced with permission by author.

Gain insights from two featured case studies brought to you especially by Northwell Health and Hartford Health, two leading Tristate healthcare organizations.

Case Study #1

Come and learn how Northwell Health transform its organization to become a Data-Driven Decision powerhouse. Discover how this leading NY healthcare organization with more than 60,000 employees, 23 hospitals and close to 7,000 beds built a formidable accountable care analytics culture and deployed next-generation Tableau advanced analytics tool to shift from Fee-For-Service to Value Based Purchasing models, break down silos, and armed executives with near real-time actionable insights for decision-making and accomplished significant cost reduction while also increasing patient satisfaction, quality outcomes, and increased revenue by 105%. 


Case Study #2

Hartford Healthcare transform themselves to become a leader and powerhouse in healthcare using data, Lean Six Sigma, technology and best practices.  Their accomplishments in the last few years spanning increased agility, cost reduction, increased patient satisfaction, quality, and operational efficiencies are unprecedented.

Case Study #3

Meet our highly esteemed colleagues, physician Dr. Tom Pascuzzi, MD., and former CHRO/Chief People and Performance Officer of White Plains Hospital, Dr. Alan Cooper, MBA who will co-deliver a case study on the power of using an integrated data, process efficiency and change management approach to significantly improve efficiency and healthcare outcomes. Discover how a 450,000 member health plan increased efficiency by 42%,  reduced losses by 78% in less than one year and improved denial claims b more than 90%.

Meet Speakers and Panel

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Omar Baker, MD., as a keynote speaker.  Dr. Baker’s advocacy and leadership in digital health innovation, population health, value-based care, accurate and measurable improvements, using data and technology, holistic patient-centric care and standardizing care delivery models are exactly aligned to the themes of this event. His insights would  greatly benefit attendees and positively influence the broader healthcare leadership community.  We are also excited to bring a very talented and seasoned panel of clinical and non-clinical leaders together to discuss key challenges faced by healthcare executives and their organizations, and dialogue about what works, and what doesn’t in terms of applying big data, predictive analytics, next generation technologies, tools and techniques to combat rising costs, and increased demand for better patient experience,” said Alan Cooper, Ph.D., senior healthcare principal of aVM Health and associate dean of Adelphi University.  The panel of experts include a former US Air Force Emergency Physician, Medical Director of Utilization Management for Presbyterian Healthcare Services and Medical Director of Innovation Lab, Thomas Pascuzzi, MD; Chief Population Health Officer of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Natalie Schwartz; VP of Accountable Care Data Analytics at Northwell Health, Mohamed Humaidi; Sr. Director of Operational Excellence at Hartford Healthcare Mohamed Saleh; Sr. Director of DSRIP Data Analytics at Catholic Health Services, Tannasia Gonzalez; and former CEO of Kindred Hospital and current VP of CareOne (NJ) – Hospital Division, Michael Pizzano.


We thank Platinum Sponsor, Silver Peak, speakers and all other sponsors for their sponsors and valuable contributions.

About Silver Peak
Silver Peak is a Gartner ranked leader in the Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and WAN Optimization Magic Quadrant.  The company helps many healthcare providers boost bandwidth and network speed and clinician/business user performance while providing HIPAA-compliant security and slashing opex and capex costs by up to 90%.
Event Showcase
Come and hear how Solis Mammography, Tennessee Oncology, Blue Shield (CA) and many other healthcare organizations significantly boost technology and infrastructure performance, enabling clinicians and radiologists to receive critical patient big data up to
7X faster.
Use Case
Learn how a leader in mammography services, with 44 patient centers across the U.S. and that completes more than 700,000 imaging procedures per year improved speed of clinical access to patient (big) data by 65% while lowering costs by 40 percent.
Tennessee Oncology
Tennessee Oncology is one of the nation’s largest, community-based cancer care practices and leading clinical trial networks in the U.S. Tennessee Oncology deployed EdgeConnect appliances at 31 community-based clinics, bonding Metro Ethernet and DIA links, and applying application-based traffic routing with QoS policies.  Results include gained visibility and control to filter traffic at the edge based on an application-by-application basis and provided the foundation for consolidating multiple edge devices into a single integrated solution.  Come and learn how Silver Peak helped this physician group dramatically boost performance.
Go Private MD.JPG
st johns.png
CHS Logo.jpg
Michael Pizzano Company Logo.jpg

Check back for more exciting additions coming soon.

Meet some of our Speakers and Panel

2018 Healthcare Exec Symposium - LI Flye


Imagine a place where you can engage in quality dialogue and network with a panel of experts and your executive peer group across disciplines in a small elegant setting - about critical issues and challenges faced by you and your peers in the current high pressure healthcare climate, exchange notes on how best to combat those challenges and help shape the future of healthcare delivery.



To promote a Quality and Safe event, attendees must read and agree to comply with the Event Attendee Terms & Conditions. By purchasing the event ticket(s) or attending the event, you agree to the Attendee Terms and Conditions in the link below.

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