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Congressional Budget Office suggests that hospitals that do not optimize cost reductions and productivity will lose money by 2025.

The healthcare landscape has never been more complex, and healthcare clients' consulting needs never more demanding.  To help hospitals, healthcare providers and health plans (insurers) combat their ever-changing and complicated business needs and succeed in accomplishing their quadruple aim goals, we recognized that healthcare management consultants must be be able to deliver deep capabilities across multiple disciplines using innovative models in a nimble manner. 

Like other industries, healthcare needs strong alternatives to existing consulting providers.  Consulting providers that charge high prices for premium quality of work and top talent are no longer a compelling option for organizations that are already struggling with rapidly rising cost and expenses.  Conversely, healthcare organizations cannot afford to risk using cheaper consulting providers that compromise on quality and talent to keep their rates low. 

Patient safety, experience and satisfaction are no longer an option. CMS (The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services) demands it. And increasingly sophisticated, educated and digital-savvy consumers (patients) do as well.  Moreover, increasingly high rates of physician dissatisfaction are also a big driver for modernized, digitized and efficient operations.  As regulatory compliance penalties rise, non-compliance for quality metrics such as adverse effect and readmission rates will further compound healthcare organizations wars' as would rising labor costs, demand for expensive capital investments to upgrade infrastructure and facilities.  Lastly, board of directors will be increasingly impatient with increased expenses, erosion of margins and stagnated growth and declining revenues or reimbursements.  As healthcare organizations face a multitude of challenges, using external and consulting assistance is not a nice to have but a must-have, to supplement capabilities and capacity. While the choices for consulting assistance are great for large hospital networks and health plans like Trinity Health, Kaiser Permanente, NY Presbyterian, Aetna, Humana and the likes, the choices are limited for smaller provider networks and local organizations.

Particularly hardest hit are healthcare providers and smaller health plans that are non-profit or have less than $2B to $3B in revenues. The reason is that larger consulting firms don't like to admit that these smaller organizations do not fit their ideal client profile because they have less dollars to spend, are price-sensitive and therefore, less lucrative as clients. Most consulting firms are driven by the need to produce high margins to either please shareholders and / or compensate their partners generously.


Driven by different sets of values and backed by an innovative business model and partnership structure, Arete Advisors (arete) and Versatile MED Analytics, both founded by minority and women entrepreneurs sought to combine forces to do things differently to make world-class quality and a full-suite of best-in-class consulting services accessible to smaller healthcare organizations. Deeply passionate about making a positive difference in the healthcare industry, the two firms created the joint venture firm, 
      , with a mission to bring you
Tier-1 consulting talent to the table and the ability to integrate multi-disciplinary capabilities to deliver Tier-1 like quality solutions, at revolutionary prices.  Our goal is to help SMB healthcare organizations drive value without incurring exorbitant consulting fees to accomplish their quadruple aim goals. From strategy to implementation, data analytics, change management, risk management to clinical operational efficiency and new technology adoption advice, our goal is to serve as your one-stop-shop trusted management consulting advisor to address your critical business needs and seize high-value impact opportunities - to stay current with constant change in the healthcare market.

Extraordinary Value

in Healthcare Management Consulting

Our (aVM) Story

aVM is an Arete Advisors and Versatile MED Analytics Joint Venture.
Formed by two women-owned enterprises dedicated to making a substantial and positive impact on the healthcare system, our 
mission is to bring premium value healthcare consulting services to small and midsize Healthcare Delivery Systems.
Read our story below. 


Premium Healthcare Consulting AT REVOLUTIONARY RATES

Sign up for our invitation-only, 
Exclusive for Executives  
Healthcare Event

in November, 2018.

Free for the 1st 10 registrants. 


Current Affair Topics include Advanced Analytics, Cost Reduction, and Population Health

Two Locations:
DeVry University, Bergen County, NJ and
Midtown, NYC (Venue To be Announced)

and Request for our Complimentary Special Edition Publication on How to Balance your Quadruple Aim Goals

Current Affairs
Our Story

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Strategy, People, Process,
Advanced Analytics & Technology
Management Consulting in Healthcare

(862) 295-1488    Greater NY, DC, Las Vegas

(505) 400-4997    SW/SE Region 

aVM is an Arete Advisors and Versatile MED Analytics Joint Venture

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Why Us

Why Us?

We believe true partnership is forged through trust,
shared risks and rewards. 
We believe in working hard to earn your trust and your business, and endeavor to go above and beyond to help you succeed in your project goals.
We believe in bringing best-in-class seasoned talent and tested methods to the table while also providing exceptional value for our service.
Last, we care deeply about making a positive and significant difference in transforming the healthcare system and your delivery network with you. To this end, unlike other consulting firms, we have sought to create a unique and innovative business model that seeks to pass the savings to you by offering top quality service and world-class management consulting capabilities at revolutionary prices.
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to learn more about what differentiates us.

Polished, Seasoned & Top Quality Talent

Our people offer decades of 
demonstrated healthcare, clinical, executive leadership, operations, industry and Tier 1 management consulting experience.

We bring business, domain, functional and interdisciplinary expertise across a vast number of healthcare and management consulting areas.

Our seasoned advisors each have more than 15-20 years of experience in their areas of specialties; we are recognized experts in our core capabilities.

Track Record of Success


Our track record of success spans health plans, multi-network hospitals, major health delivery systems to pharmaceuticals and bio labs.

To view some of our track record in numbers and results accomplished, click and view
'Our Track Record' below.

Tested, Holistic and Pragmatic


Part of our success is predicated on our ability to understand the big picture, adapt to a situation quickly and develop solutions that align with the goals and constraints of your organization.  

Our tested methods and framework, curated from 100's of real-world client experiences promote development of holistic but pragmatic solutions.

Enduring Partnerships


We believe in forming
enduring partnerships and serving as your trusted
partner throughout your journey and in your
quest to

deliver superior
patient experience,

high quality outcomes,
reduce cost of care and improve healthcare workers and physicians' job satisfaction.

Best, Unmatched
Premium Value



Our quality of work and talent rivals brand name consultants but at revolutionary price points.



"Arete's quality is top-notch. As good as Bain's and McKinsey in talent, polish, service and professionalism".

Director, $1B Company

Deeply Committed to Your Success


What sets us apart is our deep desire to help you succeed. It is both our commitment to your success and our desire to make a significant positive impact on bending the cost curve, promoting better healthcare outcomes and fostering superior patient centricity that drives us. 

Agile & Adaptability



Our adaptability allows you to be nimble.  Our flat structure and lack of internal bureaucracy that frequently exists in larger consulting firms benefits you.


Our delivery model supports and promotes agility in your

solutioning process.

World-Class Service



We don't rest until
we have exceeded your expectations.




for Top

and Results

Our Values Drive Our Actions and Results

Better Ways of Doing Things and Making Healthcare Delivery a Patient-Centric, Lean, Affordable, and Accessible Experience

Fairness, Respect, Equality, and

Giving Back

Our Values
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reveal more.

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