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Strategy, People, Process,
Advanced Analytics & Technology
Management Consulting in Healthcare
aVM is an Arete Advisors and Versatile MED Analytics Joint Venture

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Healthcare is rapidly changing. We help you change with it. Deliver superior patient experience and satisfaction. And significantly reduce cost while also improve quality, compliance and reimbursement earnings. 

Turn your patients' long wait times into a thing of the past. Dramatically reduce your wait times and improve your patients' experience today.

Be it to put real-time data-driven insights into the palm of your clinicians to improve the efficacy of treatment or to redesign your Emergency Department workflows to optimize operational efficiencies, our team of seasoned data scientists, Master Black Belt experts and management consultants will help your project achieve remarkable results.

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Help your clinicians make better informed decisions.  Put real-time data driven insights powered by advanced analytics and dynamic and interactive visual dashboards into their palms. 


“All of us in healthcare have a moral imperative to make care better, faster and more affordable. Using the tools of the Virginia Mason Production System, we are finding that the pathway to higher quality and lower costs is the same.”


Dr. Gary Kaplan MD,
Chairman and CEO
Virginia Mason Medical Center

Source: Dr. Gary Kaplan on “Systems Approach” to healthcare, Kaplan, Dr. G., MD., Modern Healthcare, April 15, 2017, ModernHealthcare.Com

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Transformational Cost Savings

Learn what

some of the best healthcare systems in the country already do  - removing waste from their  healthcare delivery systems and optimizing efficiencies.

What We Do

What We Do

Data-Driven Insights

Pull data from disparate systems of structured and unstructured data to produce powerful insights.  Support clinicians and executive decision-making with real-time interactive and visual dashboards.


Clinical Optimization

Strategically identify high-value impact opportunities, reduce waste and variance in workflows while standardizing non-required preferred treatments to dramatically boost efficiencies, , increase reimbursement earnings and physician satisfaction.




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Transformational & Unit Cost Reduction

Slash operating cost base by 15 to 20% through transformational and strategic cost reduction techniques. Remove bloated expenses from clinical (Emergency Department, Surgical Rooms, etc.) and support areas such as IT, IT infrastructure, HR, Finance, Procurement.


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Improve MACRA Compliance

Pull data from disparate systems of structured and unstructured data to produce powerful insights.  Support clinicians and executive decision-making with real-time interactive and visual dashboards.


Improve Patient Satisfaction


Identify the root-causes of your patient's dissatisfaction and low patient satisfaction scores. Significantly reduce wait times, improve bedtime manners, increase patient experience at check-in and during discharge process.



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Improve Quality Outcomes

Exponentially improve your clinical quality outcomes.  Leverage advance data analytics, Lean, Lean Six Sigma and other tested methods to increase patient safety, reduce medical errors, and reduce readmissions and adverse effect rates while also improving your compliance with CMS standards.


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Our Capabilities

Advanced Analytics

Change Management


Cloud Deployment & Security Services

Next-Generation Technology and Solution as a Service (SAAS)

Organization Design & Development

Governance, Risk Management, & Compliance (GRC)

(Analysis, Design, Prototype, Build, Test, Deploy)

Human Capital

Clinical Decision Support

Process Re/engineering/
Process Re/design


Lean Six Sigma Training, Deployment, Project Execution

Project Management & Program Management

Strategy Planning & Development

Data Visualization


Current State Analysis, Future State Design & Gap Assessment

Current Affairs and White Papers


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Congressional Budget Office suggests that hospitals that do not optimize cost reductions and productivity will lose money by 2025.

Our Track Record

Our Track Record In Numbers
Speaks For Itself

We believe in measurable and quantifiable goals

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Quality Outcomes & Compliance with CMS/HEDIS Standards

Dramatically reduce readmissions, hospital-acquired infections, adverse effects, and average length of stays (ALOS).

Ex: Improved HEDIS quality compliance by more than 40%, netting more than 30% in improved reimbursement earnings.

IT Modernization &
Operational Excellence

Slashed IT operating cost base by 20 to 50%

Slashed IT operating cost base by 20 to 50%

$1M + increased surgical revenue through rapid development and Kaizen event approach. 40% of surgical instrument cleaning waste identified and removed.


$1M + increased in monthly surgical revenues through rapid development and Kaizen approach.

Improved Quality and Reduced Length of Stay

45% reduced average length of stay at a 3-hospital network with 2100 beds

Transformational Cost Reduction

$145M Cost Savings

3-year stepwise cost savings delivered to large health systems's Medicare line of business

Revenue Cycle & Reimbursement

$20M reimbursement earnings recovered in 3 weeks of Rapid Improvement Cycle project

Change Management

Instituted a culture of continuous improvement. Empowered 1,000's of employees with Lean Six Sigma training and tools. Generated 100's of high value process improvement opportunities.

Data Analytics

$20M+ penalties avoided by constructing metrics and analytics program that significantly improved regulatory reporting process and compliance.

Patient Satisfaction

75% improved patient satisfaction scores within 3 months of project start date.

Operational Excellence

Improved lab test results turnaround time by 98% - from lab to physicians' desk.



Next-Gen IT Infrastructure

Dramatically improve virtual bandwidth (by up to 10X) at a fraction of the cost to physically upgrade tens of distributed and remote hospital/medical locations.

Our Clients


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I have nothing but the highest regard for Alan and his approach and have recently agreed to engage with him again around service excellence."

Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Large Health System

Arete's Quality and Sophistication Rivals Bain (Consulting) and McKinsey. I would recommend them in a heartbeat."

Director, $1B Company

Versatile's (data analysts) are extremely versatile.  They deeply understand data."

Executive Medical Director, Large Health System

Wowed and delivered on all projects."

Chief Operating Officer, Large Medical Center

Our People

Our People

Decades of



Our People's multi-disciplinary expertise complement your business knowledge and company's expertise to deliver remarkable value,

project results and business outcomes.

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Meet Representatives

of Our Team

G. Foster

Senior Advisor

Master Black Belt

S. Goradia



M. Kusterle


Healthcare Analytics

Dr. A. Cooper., Ph.D.

Senior Principal

Hospital Operations Executive

A. Brunhke


Advanced Analytics

S. Wien

Assoc. Principal

Human Capital

L. Snodgrass

Senior Principal

Management Consultant

B. Green

Senior Advisor

Master Black Belt

R. Largey

Associate Principal

Management Consultant

Our Use Cases

D. Rhoades


Project Management, PMP

M. Snodgrass

Senior Principal
High Performance Compute &
Next Generation Technologist

J. Marcone (CNMT, RNT)


HEDIS Quality and Master Black Belt

Our Use Cases

The combination of Business Process Re/engineering, Lean Six Sigma, Next-Generation Technologies and Advanced Analytics can unlock 100's of pockets of inefficiencies, waste, avoidable errors and poor utilization of equipment and systems.   The ability to exponentially boost performance using these tested methods have been empirically proven. 

Don't be left behind using outdated approaches or uncoordinated execution.
Learn how we systematically identify and solve root-causes that prevent high levels of clinical performance and unlock barriers to optimizing operational efficiencies (in-patient and ambulatory, ED and trauma), utilization management, care management, care coordination, human resource productivity, IT systems' capacity, and medical equipment utilization.

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