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Security Overlay Network for Ultimate Security

Volatile corporate environments with a high number of mergers and acquisitions, with outsourced operations or with a significant number of contract staff are challenging companies to provide remote access to private corporate applications in a safe and secure manner.

The traditional approach is to provide a Virtual Private Network (VPN), however this has one glaring deficiency. It is a network connection! A connection that can be used by any bad actor. A pipe through the perimeter that can allow any traffic to reach into the heart of the organization. It is a connection that can be inadvertently abused because end users, who in this case are not part of your company, have become infected with spyware, ransomware or any other form of malware. In short, VPNs are not a good solution for any company that require robust security.

Companies are often challenged during a merger/spinoff process to provide access to certain corporate applications, with no assurance that the environment to which they are connecting is itself secure. With no visibility on the network controls of the acquired company, they are asked to open a trusted network connection. Similarly, in a spinoff, cutting the trusted network may be held up because key users still require access to some internal applications.

Contractor access via VPN is another area fraught with risk, with several highly visible breaches directly attributed to this vector. The temporary access given to contractors poses a significant ongoing risk to companies, and as temporary often becomes ongoing, the risk never goes away.

So how do we provide a secure remote access solution that addresses the risks with traditional VPN solutions? The answer is Zscaler Private Access (ZPA).

With ZPA, all your remote access use cases are covered:

  • Provide partner application access, not network access

  • Migrate private apps to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Compute without network infrastructure changes

  • Allow application access for acquisitions and divestitures

  • Replace legacy VPN replacement

The ZPA architecture is a more secure and agile approach that funnels end user traffic through a security layer that insulates and protects the company from all but authorized traffic between specific outside endpoints and specific internal applications, enforced by the Zscaler Cloud. In effect, ZPA implements a Dark Net that ensures that only the intended end points are communicating, with no visibility to the rest of the network. Users with access to specific applications cannot just start browsing through the network because ZPA is enforcing the control to both ends of the connection.

In addition, ZPA provisions outside user access to sensitive internal applications on a per-user basis, with real-time visibility on user connectivity, and with full auditing of every access. With the added benefits associated with a Cloud service (no CapEx, low OpEx, dynamic scaling, flexibility, pay per user subscription, etc.), ZPA significantly improves your security posture at a lower TCO compared to your current VPN solution.

To explore possibilities with Zscaler Private Access, contact Hararei for a free and confidential initial discussion.

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