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Practical Strategies on How to Mitigate Against Cyber Attacks

Learn what National Co-Chair of the FBI Director's Advisory Committee and other cybersecurity experts suggest as practical inexpensive measures to mitigate against cyber attacks.

National Co-Chair of the FBI Director's Advisory Committee strongly urges the C-suite to take basic measures to guard and mitigate against the risk of cyberattacks such as phishing and whaling also known as Business Email Compromise. Business Email Compromise is 20 times more prevalent than any other cyberattacks and caused US businesses and individuals in excess of $600 million in monetary losses in 2017 alone. (Source: FBI sponsored Internet Crime Complaint Center

Click on image above to download the article on practical strategies on how to mitigate against cyber attacks and learn rich insights about impending cybersecurity threats from FBI agent and cybersecurity experts.

Alternatively, email for a copy of the article or with your questions.

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