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We help entrepreneurs, start-ups and foreign companies navigate the complexities of doing business in the U.S.

Expanding your
market presence?

Seeking to launch your product or service in the U.S.?

You've come to the right place. 

Services at a Glance

We provide a range of services to help foreign entrepreneurs and companies start, form, legally register and launch their company in the U.S. By registering your company in the U.S., you can sell your products and services easily to businesses (B2B) and/or end-user consumers directly, without an intermediary.
As foreign nationalities, you may own a U.S. company 100% without partnerships with local companies or US citizens.
To learn more, contact us now at or click on the button below to schedule a limited time offer for a totally free two (2) hour consultation.


One-Stop-Shop Service.
Full Suite of Business Formation Services


Social Media and Event Marketing. Booth, logistics and speaker management.

Start UP

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Support Services to Help you set up a Sales Office, Hire Your First Salesperson, Find and Establish a Physical Office

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Hire an interim business manager or US director to run your US operations.

Business Formation

Business Formation

We provide the full range of services needed to form and launch your company in the U.S. Our one-stop-shop service streamlines, coordinates and expedites your business launch. This service plans, files paperwork on your behalf with all federal and state agencies, and coordinates with any attorneys and international certified (CPA) tax
accountants you would like to consult with to address all your concerns and questions about tax and legal implications.
For a full list of services included in our one-stop-shop service for Business Formation, see below.

A company address in
New York,
Los Angeles, Chicago or a major city of your choice could be on your business card in

as little as
4 to 8 weeks!

2018 New Year's Special Deal

We'll help you ring in the new year in a special way. Form your business by 1st quarter of 2018 with 20% off our bundled business formation services.

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